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Since 1980

  • Phonex PX-211 Wireless Phone Jack
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Phonex PX-211







  • Turn any AC outlet into a phone jack
  • Avoid unsightly cabling across the floor or along the base board
  • Works with Multiple Set-Top boxes, Modems, Fax Machines, or other Devices
  • 911 Emergency-Interrupt Feature
  • Built-in Surge Protection
  • CallerID / Call Waiting compatible
  • Easy to move, remove, and take with you anywhere
  • Great for Dish Network - Direct TV






Fast Installation

  • Plug the base unit directly into an electrical outlet near an existing wall phone jack. Light will turn green; soon thereafter, the light will turn solid red, until you connect it to a working phone line.
  • Connect the included six-foot phone cord to the connector labeled ‘LINE’ on the base unit, then connect the other end of the phone cord to the existing wall phone jack. The light on the base unit will turn solid green.
  • Plug the extension unit into any electrical outlet where you require a phone connection. The light on the unit will flash red, then turn solid green.
  • Connect the extension unit to the desired device using a phone cord.
  • Test the device for a dial tone using a handset telephone.


1 base unit, 1 extension unit,

6-foot phone cord, owner’s manual, and warranty card


2.9” x 4.10” x 2” each unit

Audio Bandwidth:

200-3800 Hz

FM Carrier Frequency:

4.4 MHz – 7.6 MHz

Maximum number of units:

One base unit; up to eight extension units

Operating Temperature:

0-50 C (32-122 F)