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Christian TV via Satellite | No Monthly Fee | No Activation Fee | No Service Contract


Welcome Sky Angel Satellite Customers!

With the Spiritcast satellite system, view the following Christian TV stations:

 TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network, SOAC, Smile of a Child, TCC, The Church Channel, JC-TV - Youth Entertainment, JCTV, TBN Enlace, Enlace, TBN Russia, TBN Rossiya, Channel New Life, CNL, 3ABN, Daystar Television Network, Daystar, The Hope Channel, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, LLBN, The Word Network, LifeTalk Radio Network, Church Communication Network, CCN, The Overcomer Ministry, The Miracle Channel, Russian Broadcasting Network, RBN, Rodnoy, Premiere Gospel Music Network, Global Christian Network, CGN, TRWAM, Telepace Roma, LifeSat Prayer Channel, Aramaic Broadcasting Network, ABN, Al Karma, God's Learning Channel, GLC, 3ABN Latino, Esperanza TV, Christian Global Network, CGN, GMTN, Gospel Music Television Network, Christian Broadcasting System, CBS, The Old Path, Radio 74, 3ABN Radio, KJCTV, TBN Nejat TV, Cancao Nova, Emmanuel TV, KNLB Radio, Telepace on Spiritcast Satellite System.

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Basic Spiritcast Channel List


-Emmanuel TV

-Smile of a Child

-TBN Enlace USA

-TBN Rossiya

-G-d's Learning



-Love World

-Spirit Word Channel

-The Word Network

-The Old Path



-Daystar TV

-The Overcomer




-Kol Haneshama

-Spirit 1


-Nejat TV


-3ABN Latino

-3ABN Radio

-Bethel TV

-Apostolic Oneness Network (AON)

-The Miracle Channel

-Global Christian Network

-Gospel Music TV

-Adventist MP

-Esperanza TV

-Hope Channel

-Life Talk Radio


-Alkarma TV

-Radio 74




-Cornerstone Television

-Safe TV

How does Spiritcast offer free Christian TV?

     Spiritcast Christian Satellite Television provides the satellite equipment to be able to obtain the Christian TV programs that broadcast.  Each individual Christian TV station pays a monthly fee to broadcast and broadcasts it's signal for millions of people across the world which can be simply viewed by Spiritcast Satellite Systems. 

How long can you guarantee free channels?

     Spiritcast is only an equipment provider for the free TV stations.  For as long as the TV stations want to broadcast the gospel on Ku band FTA satellite, you will have access to their signal absolutely free.  As Spiritcast gets more popular as one of the most trusted satellite equipment providers, we add more channels on a monthly basis to our lineup.  So be sure to check back frequently.