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  • RF Link AVS-5811 5.8 ghz Audio Video Sender







5.8GHz Wireless A/V Sender with Build-in I/R Remote Extender


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The 5.8GHz wireless video/audio sender consists of one transmitter and one receiver. This device transmits wireless vivid video and hi-fi stereo audio from a VCR,TV set, LD, DVD, VCD, Satellite Receiver or cable set top box to any TV or monitor. It can also be used in conjunction with a camcorder or CCD camera and turns into a wireless security monitoring system.

As to the transmission capability, the signal can go up to 300 feet clear light-of-sight with the ability to penetrate walls. With the built-in IR remote extender, it allows the user to remotely control the audio/video sources in the other rooms. In addition, four user selectable channels allows multiple transmitters to multiple receivers operation in the different areas.

  • Avoid the interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications such as Video Sender, 802.11b Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Cordless Phone, Microwave Oven, etc.
  • 5.8 GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with 4 selectable channels.
  • Transmitting and receiving of crisp video and hi-fi stereo even through walls.
  • Long transmission range up to 300 feet clear line-of-sight. NTSC/PAL video format available.
  • Simultaneous viewing of video programs on a 2nd TV/monitor without wires.
  • Wireless transmission of hi-fi stereo to any active speaker.
  • Remotes monitoring of live video from a camcorder or CCD camera.
  • Local area broadcasting of audio/video programs for multiple viewers even in different rooms.