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  • Avenger PLL322S-2 Universal Twin KU LNBF





HDTV Approved

Phase Locked Loop LNBF with 300KHz or better stability! 

Very affordable price that compares to the price of current LNBFs.

Extreme Environment WaterPROOF LNBFs

Avenger PLL LNBFs are WaterPROOF and built for the most extreme environments.

Demand the best. Demand high stability and WaterPROOF LNBFs.

Our new Avenger PLL322 S-2 LNBFs are about the same price as the common LNBFs available today. Now you can get extremely good stability (300 KHz or better) for your satellite system at about the same price that you would pay for a LNBF with 1 ,500 KHz (1 .5 MHz) stability or much worse.

300 KHz or 1 ,500 KHz, which one would you like on your dish?

Now you can have the high stability of PLL at a very affordable price. 

These LNBFs are at least 5 times more stable than non-PLL LNBFs on the market today!!!

This LNBF is a MUST HAVE for HD receivers and MPEG4 receivers.  If you are upgrading to MPEG4 it only makes sense to upgrade your LNBF to PLL.

You ask for it and we listened!!!  The Avenger PLL322S-2 LNBF has a extra long neck.  This allows you to find the focal point on poorly designed satellite dishes.

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