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  • Channel Master Model 1004IFD
 Perfect Channel Master 1004IFD DSS DBS Satellite Dish Signal Strength Finder  

Channel Master Model 1004IFD Satellite Dish Alignment Meter





Align your Dish Network or Direct TV Satellite Dish

The Channel Master satellite signal meter includes satellite IF (950-2150 MHz) amplification and a broadband detector. The satellite meters detector drives a meter and a variable frequency audio tone. The dish is then aligned for maximum meter deflection or highest pitch tone by the satellite meter. The satellite meter gain control allows a wide range of input signal levels.

The satellite meter is connected to the LNB via a short coaxial cable. The 1004IFD satellite meter output must be connected to the satellite receiver in order to supply power to the satellite meter. The satellite signal meter units operate from 11-24 VDC on the coaxial cable.




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