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  • SF-99 Satellite Signal Finder Kit








New SF99 Signal Finder Kit!  You'll love it because it comes with everything they need to install your stationary or motorized satellite system.  The kit includes a high quality military style compass, 6 feet of RG6 cable, battery case that will fit 10 AA batteries to power the meter, universal battery cable, and the new SF99 signal finder with built in 22KHz and Polarity indicator. 


The SF99 will work with C band, Ku Band, and Ka Band.  It's also compatible with MPEG2, MPEG4, DVB-S and DVB-S2. 

Parts Included In The New SF99 Signal Finder Kit


Satellite Finder Meter

SF99 Signal Finder with built in 22KHz switch indicator and Horizontal / Vertical LED display

Satellite Finder Battery Pack

Battery Pack Holder holds 10 double A batteries to power up the SF99 signal meter

six foot RG6 Cable

The package also includes a 6 foot RG6 cable, that's right, that's 72 inches compared to the competitions 7 inch jumper cable!

Satellite Finder Battery Pack

This kit includes a very high quality durable military style hard aluminum shell compass with precise reading compared to the competitions plastic compass.

Satellite Finder Power Cord

Also included is the universal battery cable that connects your battery pack holder to the signal finder meter

SF95 Signal Satellite Finder Kit

And finally, all this in a plastic carrying case with organized compartments!