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  • DSF120+ Digital Satellite Finder / Digital Satellite Meter












The Future Of Satellite Finders Is Here Today


Ever aligned your dish using an analog meter and have climbed down your ladder just to find out your analog signal finder tricked you??? 


Take the guess work out of your

dish re-alignment & installation





Low priced analog signal finders like the SF95 are great signal finders to use with high powered satellites like DISH Network, DirecTV, or Bell Express Vu.  But as you know, and may have experienced, these analog signal finders are very tough to work with when installing or re-aligning a dish for a high powered satellite like Galaxy 19, AMC 4, Galaxy 25, AMC 6, etc....   Have you ever used an analog signal finder and thought you have signal locked in, and once you got in front of  your receiver, noticed that the signal meter tricked you?  With a digital signal finder, there is no guess work.  You either have true signal, or you don't. 


In this digital era, the DSF120+ is an industry first digital satellite finder to come on the market.  Much more accurate than any other meter in its class, the DSF120+ is a professional instrument with a consumer price tag.  Now, you can have a professional digital satellite finder with professional performance & results, without spending an arm and a leg to purchase a bulky and expensive meter. 


The DSF120+ has a blue back light to allow use at night.  The signal meter never needs to be recalibrated nor does it need complicated programming.  It automatically recognizes the LNBF frequency and works with any C band, Ku band, or Ka band satellite.  No need to input transponder frequency, symbol rate, or polarity.  This meter is truly plug & play. 




  • In-Line IF signal strength meter

  • 75Ω connector

  • Built-In light & electric buzzer

  • Uses power from receiver to power up

  • Ideal for satellite installations or to re-point your satellite dish

  • Pocket-size

  • User-friendly